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Loftus & Loftus Ltd. was founded by John P. Loftus in 1985 and has since its inception, has been a leader in the area of construction law. Although small in number, the firm has an outstanding record of success in highly sophisticated matters against some of the largest and most powerful law firms in the Chicagoland area. 

The firm's legal approach to litigation assures dedicated and thorough representation for all its clients whether big or small. 

Our attorneys possess high academic credentials, strong community ties, personal and professional ethics, which results in the pursuit of excellence for all of our clients.

The firm's attorneys use their business background to offer the individual and business client "downtown" quality at hourly rates competitive with other suburban attorneys.
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Law is nothing other than a certain ordinance of reason for the common good, promulgated by the person who has the care of the community. 
-Thomas Aquinas 
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